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Mattress in Tarzana

According to the US Census, in 2000, In Tarzana, there were 35,502 people, and in 2008 the population of Los Angeles was 37,778. One square mile was about 4038 people, one of the highest levels in the city. According to the US 2000 census, the racial composition was mostly white (70.7%) followed by Asian (5%) and African Americans (3.6%). The Los Angeles Times thought the area was "too diverse." 35% of the population is foreigners. The most common foreign births in Iran (24.2%) and Mexico (12.1%). Elementally divided men and women were among the highest in the district. About 9% of the residents were veterans of war, which are considered high in Los Angeles. The percentage of people over the age of 50 was the highest in the region. The average age, 38 years old, was old compared to a citizen of the city and region. In 2008, the average US dollar earnings were considered high and totaled $ 73,195.

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