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Mattress in Studio City

In 1955 City Studio 78 was the first racial integrated station in the Los Angeles City Fire Department. 2000 The population census in the US is 34,334 people - 6.31 square meters. Mills - 5395 people per square mile, which is one of the lowest climatic conditions in the city, but the average for the region. In 2008, the city calculated that residents had grown to 37,201. In 2000, the age at the age of 38 was considered to be urban and district districts. The percentage of people aged 19 and over was the highest in the region. The ethnic decline was white, 78%; Latin - 8.7%; Asian - 5.4%; black 3.7%; etc: The United Kingdom (6.7%) and Great Britain (6.7%) were the most common births in 21.1% of people born abroad, with a low percentage in Los Angeles.

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