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Mattress in Silver Lake

A few blocks from Glendale Avenue were the TomMix star studio of early western cinema. This place now occupies the Mikwil Trade Center. He says that "Mix" buried his horse in "Tony, Miracle Hors" hotel. The neighborhood goes through many urban stadiums that provide access to the pedestrian area to the suburbs of the district. They include the Descanso ladder, the Redcliffe ladder and the Music Box ladder. Lorela's and Hardy's "The Music Box" are on the bottom of Descanso Drive and Vandom Street, as it's floating around the hill. Silver Lake, like the Echo Park in the 1950s and 1960s, was a Latin American middle class community. The community consisted of people who worked at a vibrant production center in downtown Los Angeles. In the 1970s outsourcing ended the group's prosperity as they saw their work being sent from abroad to Taiwan and China. Neighborhood has lost its importance in the face of the destruction of cities.

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