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Mattress in Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre is historically linked to the ancient mountain resorts of the San Gabriel mountains and valleys. Sierra Mead Villan was a pioneer in the summer resorts of San Gabriel, inhabited at the end of the 19th century. The municipality also managed and maintained the sign "Lizy Tril" under the leadership of Old Mountain Wilson Tril. In 1889, Harvard College founded the Wilson Mountain Observatory. The installation of Harvard's telescope in 1889, which caused problems with the relocation of the railroad from Old Wilson's railroad, caused an interest in the mountain. Wilson Road is more than a footprint. The Harvard telescope was removed, and the new street way officially opened in July. The price has been set by the Los Angeles County Council of Observers - 25 cents for tourists and 50 cents for horses. The new road was called the "New Road of Wilson Mountain", and was then widespread than the old Sierra Madre road. The movement of foot and box animals was so strong that in 1893, In June the road was six feet wide. The Pacific Ocean red car "Red Crescent" opened its way from Sierra Madre to 1906-1950. Thousands have traveled to Sierra Madre as they climb the mountain. Wilson Trail

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