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Mattress in Sherman Oaks

1994 The Northridge earthquake caused environmental damage. Community Renewal Agency seeks to rebuild efforts. Owners of the house in Sherman Oaks later won the deal to prevent the agency from managing its efforts. According to the 2010 Population Census, according to San Fernando's Valley Alma, the population of Sherman Oca was 52,677 and 25,255 families. The neighborhood's racial resistance was 82% non-white, 5% Asian American and 3% African American; 11% of all races in Spanish or Latin. Other tribes calculated less than 1%. 2000 The Los Angeles Times reports that 2000 American census in the Sherem Oaks area is 61,166 inhabitants, a total of 9.15 square meters. Miles, including a large group of Santa Monica mountains, or 6,887 people per square mile, is the lowest density of the city's population.

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