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Mattress in Sawtelle

The smaller nonpartisan (non-university) area of Sutella, approximately half the combined area, consists of 576.5 acres or 0.90 square meters. Miles (2.3 km2) and it is completely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles. In the north, the unincorporated district is adjacent to the Sotelles district, which is now the largest city in West Los Angeles and Los Angeles. In the North, it sets it on Brentwood and Westwood. This unrecognized area consists of six sections on the San Diego highway and at the intersection of Santa Monica in Bulgaria, owned by the US Government or California State. The special utility company has the seventh plot. This area is located in the seat of the Los Angeles County Supervisory Board, under the state control and in the third auditorium. This unoccupied district contains Wilshire Federal Building, Los Angeles National Veterans' Cemetery, Wadsworth Hospital, Washington, West Los Angeles Medical Center, former major veterans and many small office buildings.

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