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Mattress in San Marino

1903 Schwarz's farm was purchased by Henry E. By Huntington (1850-1927), who built a large pavilion in this area. Shorb / Huntington Ranch's website is now Huntington Library, which is home to world-famous art collections, research library and rare books as well as botanical gardens. In 1913, the town of San Marino included three main children of Wilson, Patton and Huntington, as well as the split areas of these small rabbits such as Ranch Stoneman, White and Rose. The mayor of San Marino was the first George Smith Pathon (1856-1927). Son of the murdered ball of American Confederative States, American Civil War (also called George Smith Petton, 1833-1864), Patton graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in 1877. She married Ruth Wilson, daughter of Don Benito Wilson. Their son was World War II general.

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