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Mattress in Reseda

On the earth, which was part of the mission of San Fernando, residue appeared in 1912 in the city of Marian. He was named Marian Otis Chandler, the daughter of Los Angeles Times, Harrison Gray Otis, and Harry Chandler's wife. Reseda's name refers to the "Reseda odorata" (English name mignonette) flavoring plant, often found in the gardens of that time and is native to many Mediterranean environments. The "Residue" geographical name was first used on the branch of the South Pacific Railroad, located between the town of Berberbank and the town of Catsuwert, in the valley of San Fernando. In the 1920s, the name "Reseda" was transferred to the Western section of the South Pacific Railroad, the Western Railway Line, westward, to accelerate the development of the water pipeline in Los Angeles. It was subsequently used as the termination of the "Pacific Electric" long-distance railway station by Sherman Road.

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