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Mattress in Porter Ranch

The supporters of the bridge have announced that there is a "critical need" to build a bridge, as "heavy duty missions have been installed in Los Angeles to prevent an uncontrolled car, which is located east of Boph. a much smaller railroad is about 200 feet away from the east ... however, the first defensive railroad is usually partially broken due to hitting unmanaged vehicles. Until it can be repaired, there is almost no protection for the car to be disconnected from Aliso Canyon. Besides, if a western car loses Cesnon, there is no obstacle to falling into this deep gorge. " Despite the arguments of the supporters of the seriousness of the situation, the bridge has never been built. There is still evidence that the bridge is visible from the Sesson to the east to the east to the gorge, the road (which is currently closed in several shocks) is visible in the direction of the gorge near the bridge, and from west to east such an analysis is still visible from the west

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