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Mattress in Playa Vista

Previous efforts In the late 1990s, DreamWorks failed to build a studio in Playa Vista. The new project of the first phase of Playa Vista was launched in 2001. Launched as "affordable and luxury housing, office and commercial premises, open spaces and recreational facilities located in the restored wetlands and wildlife conservation areas. In October, Steve Soborov was appointed President of Playa Vista. It was one of the six communities in the country selected by President Bill Clinton as the "Housing Technology Promotion Partnership National Pilot Project (PATH)." Thus, this is one of the "technologically advanced communities" and "it is fully connected with telecommunications and broadband capacities." Environment It has been developed as a "model of energy-efficient systems for pure development, non-toxic and recycled materials, product selection and design methods that contribute to the preservation, minimizing the impact on the environment." But some environmentalists and residents of Mar Vista, Westchester, and nearby Venice neighborhoods are against these developments, insisting that it will lead to increased traffic jams in the West Side of Los Angeles. Since 1994, developers and some environmentalists have worked together to restore the Wetlands. But other environmentalists are against the development of wetlands. methane

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