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Mattress in Pasadena

Pasadena is a part of the Mexican capital's Rancho del Rincón de San Pascual grant, called Easter Sunday, from the Eulalia Perez de Guillain Marina Mission Gabriel Arcangel. Cattle breeding included the lands of Pasadena, Altadena and South Pasadena today. Prior to 1848, Californian anecdosis, the last Mexican owner was Manuel Garfias, who was 1850. Garfias sold the property to the first Anglo residents who came to this area. Dr. Benjamin Iton, father of Fred Eton, and Dr. S. Griffin. Most of the property was purchased by Benjamin Wilson, who built his property near Vineyard Lake. Wilson, a native of the Indians, known as Don Benito, also belonged to Rancho Jouroup (Riverside, California) and was the mayor of Los Angeles. He was the Grandfather of World War II; Patton junior and his name, Mon Wilson.

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