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Mattress in Palms

In 1882, the Palms district was known as Ballona, voting at the La Ballona School. Jackie Kisbee, a real estate investment specialist at Tierra Properties, said: "South Paraguay completed its route in Los Angeles in 1883, and only three years later, Santa Fe finished its movement in Los Angeles. With huge investments, railways have set a long-term growth plan on new railway lines from their coastal and coastal land in Los Angeles. Citrus Farm, South California. Tourism and city construction contributed to attracting investors, attracting land value, and increasing rail freight costs. "La Ballona was part of that confusion in the valley. In 1882, several Midwest families rented a renovated car and left their homes in Iowa, Iowa, to live in the valley. They spent their first Sunday school at Washington's Boulevard, in the old school of La Ballonne, and in 1883. In the autumn organized the 11th Brotherhood Church.

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