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Mattress in Northridge

In 2008, the average annual household income was $ 67,906, which is considered high for the city. The tenants occupy 46.4% of the housing stock, and the owners of houses or apartments - 53.6%. Average household size 2.7 was considered average of Los Angeles. In 2000 there were 3803 military or 8.5% of the population, which is a high figure compared to other cities. The North Bridge relates to Porter Ranch and North Granada Hills, to the North Hills in the East, to Van Kinnis in the South East, to Balboo in the southwest, to Reseda and to the West, to Vinneta and to Catsworth. Populated people The northern territory was pre-populated by nearly 2,000 years ago by the native Americans of Gabrielino (or Tonga). Not far from the North in the tribal villages of Totonga. Gabrielino-Tongawa people who lived in domed houses sometimes referred to as "people of the country". They talked about the language of Takic Uto-Aztec (Shoshone). Their pictograms are hard to find today, and people who are neither public nor protected, are devastated by the development of Greater Los Angeles. There are no public rock art locations in Los Angeles. The reproduction can be seen in the South West Museum, and archeological exhibits can be found in the Nature History Museum of Los Angeles, Los Alamitos Rancho, the natural center of Louis Robidou and the natural center of Eladorado. Mexico Grant:

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