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Mattress in Monterey Park

In 1916, new residents began to act as a city when the cities of Pasadena, South Pasadena and Alhambra suggested placing a large waste water treatment plant. The community voted in 1916. On May 29 in the city, 33 against 455 of the vote. The city's new board of directors immediately ordered a drinking water purification station inside the city and called for a new city of Monterey Park. The name was taken from the map of the old government depicting Malta valleys as well as oak-covered hills in the area. 1920 Destroyed by a large area of the southern suburbs of the city, and Montebello was founded in a separate city. 1920 Asian inhabitants who began to grow potatoes and flowers and to create kindergartens in the Montreal Ridge area joined the refugees with white and Spanish surnames. They have improved their way to Monterey Pass, helping to bring their products to Los Angeles. The name used as a place for western films is called Coyote Pass, a pioneer in Masami Abe.

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