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Mattress in Monrovia

In 1841, California Governor Alvaro Juan Alvarado provided Mexican state donations for Asus Du Guerlain Rancho, Mexican soldier Andres Duarte and Santa Anita Rancho for Hugo Reed, a Scottish Scottish origin. Monrovia consists of parts of these two couples. In the mid-19th century, most of Azusa de Duarte Ranch was sold and sold to Duarte to pay off debts. Some of these packages have become the name of Monrovia by William N. Part of the Monroe Farm. Rancho Santa Anita has repeatedly passed many millionaires, silver baron and raccoon E.J. Lucky Baldwin acquired it in 1875. In the same year, his investment company in Los Angeles began to divide and sell many of his livestock. 1883 Santa Anita Ranch's 240 hectares (970,000 m 2) was sold to Monroe for $ 30,000. Additional parcels for Santa Anita Ranches have been sold by Eduard F. Spencer, John D. Biknuni, James F. Crouch and J. F. Falii.

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