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Mattress in Malibu

Malibu was originally inhabited by Chumakhs, native Americans, whose territory was free from San Hugo Valley from San Luis Obispo to Malibu and from several islands on the southern coast of California. They called it "Humaliwo" or "surf noise high". So the name of the city, because the "HU" syllabus is not emphasized. The village of Humalyno was located near the Malibu bay and was an important regional center in prehistoric times. The village, located on the CA-LAN-264, occupied about 2500's. It was the second largest coastal settlement in Chumas, near the mountains of Santa Monica, and was inhabited only by Mou (Côpo Mugu). 118 people were baptized in Kozumi. It is considered to be a very important political center, but in today's Malibu there were other smaller settlements. A village known as the Tallopope was just a few miles from the Malibu Gorge, the Gulf of Malibu. Studies have shown that Humalyo (Malibu) has had connections with other villages in the prehistoric colonies, including the Hypook (Westlake Village), Lalimanux (Conejo Class) and Huvam (Bell Canyon).

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