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Mattress in Los Feliz

Neighborhood is very ethnic. The bow was white, 57.6%; Latin - 18.7%; Asians - 13.5%; The pupils were 3.7% and 6.6%. The most common flowers for 44.5% of the population born abroad are Armenia (25.3%) and Mexico (9.4%), which is higher than the rest of Los Angeles. 2008 The average annual household income was $ 50,793, the same as in the rest of Los Angeles, but a large percentage of households are $ 20,000 per year or less. The average life expectancy of two people in Los Angeles was low. The tenants occupy 75.5% of the housing stock, and the owners or homeowners - the rest. Men (50.2%) and unmarried women (37.2%) were the highest among the population as well as the percentage of burned women (10.1%). Hills

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