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Mattress in Los Angeles

According to the US Census Bureau, the county has a area of 4.751 square meters. Miles (12,310 km 2), of which 4,058 square meters. Miles (10,510 km 2) is land and 693 square meters. Miles (1790 km 2) (15%) - water. The Los Angeles area borders the Pacific Ocean, 110 km away and covers mountain ranges, valleys, forests, islands, lakes, rivers and deserts. Los Angeles, the Los Angeles River, Rio Hondo, the San Gabriel River, and the Santa Clara River, and the main mountain ranges are the mountains of Santa Monica and the mountains of San Gabriel. The western part of Mojave desert begins in the Antilip Valley, in the northeast part of the region. Most Los Angeles residents are located in the south and south-west, in the Los Angeles basin, in the San Fernando Valley and in the vicinity of San Gabriel Valley. Other places are located in the Valley of Santa Claus, Pomona Valley, California Valley, and Antilop Valley.

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