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Mattress in Lake Balboa

From the North to the Balbo Mountain, the neighborhood is surrounded by the North Bridge, in the east from Van Nitsa, in the south, from the Basilica Basin, and from the West by Reseda. Its street and other borders are located in the north of Bulgaria - Roso, Balbo, Van Nyus Airport, Havenhardst Avenue and east of Odessa Avenue, Victory Plain, South West and White Sand Avenue. Toy manufacturer MGA Entertainment has its headquarters in the area of Balbo Lake. Local Government Los Angeles Fire Station 100 West Van Nuys / Lake Balboa, located on the Balbo lake, serves the Balbo lake. The Los Angeles Police Department operates in the West Woll Police Station in Reseda, California, in Balboa. The United States Postal Service's Van Nyus Post Office district, state and federal office are located at 15701 Sherman Way, in Balboo.

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