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Mattress in La Tuna Canyon

Sunny Valley, located at the foot of Werdugo Mountains, tends to collapse 8,000 units of Tusung Avenue and killed a construction engineer in Los Angeles on Fridays on February 20, 2237 (22:37 in the Pacific) The funnel was opened at a depth of 30 feet. Nearest Arev Valley valley in nearby areas, not necessarily 1874 California State Senator Charles McLean (named after Santa Fernando McLayn Street) purchased 56,000 acres (230 km2) through the San Fernando Valley. The area spread over Sunland Blvd. from West to Chatsworth Hills. In the eastern part of Sanland, Rancho San Rafael, the genius grant from José Maria Verdugo, of Spain's crown. 1876 The South Pacific Railway was built in the eastern San Fernando Valley connecting South and Northern California. Once there was a store store named Roberts Store, and the city was called Roberts until the 1890s when the name changed to Roscoe. The current name of the Sun Valley was chosen in 1950. By residents:

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