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Mattress in La Brea Hancock

The original prehistoric landscape of the Henkok Park, representing the natural vegetation of the Los Angeles Basin, is restored to 10,000 to 40,000 years ago in the Pleistocene Park. The plant list was created on the basis of a 35-year survey of excavations. It represents four ecotourisms: coastal forest, coastal forest, deep canyon, California oak woods and California chapel. Hancock Park was created in 1924 when George Alan Hankok donated 23 hectares of the Hancock Ranch's Los Angeles area to maintain the park and provide proper fossils. The park is called philanthropist George Henkock, a pioneer in the oil industry in California, who has recognized the scientific significance of the found phosphine asphalt sediments. In 1883 he inherited a 3000 hectare estate of Rancho La Brea, which included the infected pits of La Brea and found the bones of the animals when he wrapped them in oil.

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