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Mattress in Hollywood

Deida Wilcox studied Hollywood on Holly Canyon (currently in La Hollywood) from neighboring Ivar Wade and a well-known investor and fellow of Wheatley. He advised her husband, Harvey, the same name. H. Wilcox, who was born in 1887, On February 1, he bought 120 acres. Only in 1887 In August, Wilcox decided to use this name and apply for the Los Angeles Administration Office on the property and coding map. The oldest boom of real estate has been bankrupt by the end of this year. In the 1900s the region has a post office, a newspaper, a hotel and two markets. Located in Los Angeles, with a population of 102,479, 10 kilometers east of the vineyards, barley fields and citrus trees. Alongside the highway, the one-way tram was spread over the avenue but the service was rare and the trip lasted for about two hours. An old citrus box has become stable, which has improved transport for Hollywood residents.

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