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Mattress in Highland Park

Highland Park is located in the northeastern part of Los Angeles (Nela), in the Los Angeles area, as well as Washington, Cyprus Park, Glassall Park, and Eagle Rock. This area was originally discovered thousands of years ago by Chumis' ancestors and was later settled by Tongwe. 1784 Following the foundation of Los Angeles, Jose Maria Verdugo's San Gabriel mission was assigned to 36,403 hectares of San Rafael, which includes a modern highland park. At the end of the 1800s, the drought led to economic hardships for the Verdugo family, and Rancho San Rafael was eventually auctioned off in 1869 for an unpaid loan of $ 3,500. San Rafael District acquired Andrew Apeenal and Albert J. The measure that hired shepherds of the sheep. In 1885, during the 1880s land boom, it was sold to George Morgan and Albert Juddon, combined with other places acquired by the Verdugo family, in 1886. Highland Park has two railway lines built to help the city survive the end of the 1880s boom. Highland Park was attached to Los Angeles in 1895. At the beginning of the 20th century, Highland Park and the adjacent Pasadena became a haven for art and craftsmanship artists and intellectuals. The high-rise garden and the Eagle Rock Cathedral Bet Temple was founded in 1923. Wolves in the park and built in 1930. This is the second oldest synagogue in Los Angeles, still working in its original location after the Wilshire Boulevard temple (built in 1929).

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