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Mattress in Hermosa Beach

The first official survey was conducted in 1901, along Strand, Hermosa Avenue and Santa Fe Avenue, the work of these projects began shortly. In 1904, the first play was built. It was built entirely on wood, even on piles and stretched five hundred feet to the ocean. Pier has been built on the Hermosian beach and water. In 1913, these old pillars were partially demolished, then demolished and built in their place. This pier was built with a length of 1,000 meters (300 meters) and asphalted to its entire length. Small tile pavilions were placed between the parties at regular intervals to give shade for fishermen and picnic. Finally, an attractive locker was built. Soon, about 1914, a hall was built. It occupies various businesses and currently operates public toilets, the Los Angeles Life Preservation Service and the local Los Angeles County Public Library. These pillars are under municipal ownership.

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