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Mattress in Fairfax

One of the highest in the region is the percentage of ever married men (54.9%) and never-begotten women (45.5%). Ethnicity Neighborhood was "not specific" ethically, with a large percentage of white people. The bow was white, 84.7%; Latin - 5.9%; Asian - 4.5%; 2.2% and 2.8% respectively. Ukraine (8.9%) and Mexico (7.8%) were the most common births of 23.2% of people born abroad, which is lower than the rest of Los Angeles. Historically, Fairfax was the center of the Jewish community in Los Angeles, formerly the Boyle Heights era, dating back to the 1920s and 1930s, in the largest Western Jewish community in Chicago. In 1935, Fairfax had four synagogues. In 1945 there were twelve of them. After the Second World War, more and more Jews began to live in that area. As new families approached, religious schools and Jewish community centers emerged. 1974 Bet Jezek Legal Services - charitable charitable organization, the Justice House, has opened its doors in front of the Farmer's Market.

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