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Mattress in Encino

In 2008, the average annual household income amounted to $ 78,529, which is considered high for the city. The percentage of households earned a $ 125,000 or higher salary for the Los Angeles County. 2.3 Average household size was lower than in urban and other urban areas. The tenants occupy 38.4% of the housing stock, and the owners of apartments or apartments - 61.6%. Among the highest in the region are the percentage of men and women among men and women widowed. 2000 Military veterans comprise 10.6% of the population, which is a high indicator for the region. Encino is located in the southern valley of San Fernando and in the center of the northern slope of the Santa Monica mountains. It is surrounded by Reseda and Superlewia basins, in the north, Sherman Oaks East, Bel Ham, South Bourgendud, and South-West, in Tuscany.

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