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Mattress in Culver City

Culver City's first film studio was built by Thomas Ines in 1918. The silent film comedy producer Hal Roach built his studios in 1919 and Metro Goldwyn Meyer (MGM) in the 1920s. Prohibition, Speakeasies and Nightclubs, such as Cotton Club, along the Washington Boulevard. Culver Center, South California's first shopping mall, was built in 1950 at the crossroads of Overland Avenue, Venice Boulevard. Since then, the center has been involved in many other retail stores, including Rite Aid, several banks and a restaurant. Airline Hughes Aircraft opened its factory in Culver City in July 1941. There the company built H-4 Hercules transport (usually called "spruce barn"). Hughes was also an active subcontractor of WWII. He has developed and licensed a flexible loader clamp for faster handling of B-17 blocks, as well as producing electric power devices for piercing. Hughes has produced more ammunition than other American manufacturers and has built 5576 wings and 6370 rear axles for Vultee BT-13 simulators.

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