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Mattress in Century City

In 1956, Spyros Skouras (1893-1971), who was born in 1942-1962, Served as the Fox President and his nephew of the 20th century Edmond Herrser (1983), sometimes known as the "City of the Century", decided to rebuild the land for development. Next year, in 1957, they ordered the development of a Welton Becket Associates master plan, which was released in the same year during the main event of the Western Foundation. 1961 as Fox tried a series of expensive failures, which led to a very expensive studio financial burden. The movie production on Cleopatra's production was sold around 180 acres (0.73 sq. km) by William Zetkertf and Algoa Co. America, also known as Alcoa, is $ 300 million (his uncle returns money in 2014, but Skuras refused, it was no longer visible.

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