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Mattress in Calabasas

The city is located in the south-western corner of the San Fernando Valley and includes some of the mountains of Santa Monica. It is 35 km from the center of Los Angeles. It borders Northland Eastland in the east, Topanga in the east, Malibu in the south, Agoura Hills in the west, and North Hidden hills. Historic El Camino Real goes from West to Calabasas as the Ventura Motorway (US 101). According to the United States Census Bureau, the total area of the city is 13.0 square meters. Miles (34 km2), of which 12.9 square meters. Miles (33 km2) land and 0.1 sq.m. Miles (0.26 km2) - (0.38%). ) with water. One of Calabasas's oldest surroundings is Park Modern or Bird Street. In the former colony of artists there is a ruined ruins of club house, swimming pools and huts located on the streets, which are named after Meadow Lark, Blackbird, Blue Bird and Hummingbird birds located behind the Calabasas high school. Communities:

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