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Mattress in Burbank

Dr. David Burbank, who bought the Verdugo former holding company in 1867, Providencia Ranch has 4,600 acre (19 km 2) of more than 4,600 acres (19 km2), built a farm and began to raise sheep and raising wheat in the ranch. In 1876, the San Fernando valley became the largest growing area in the Los Angeles region. However, the drying waters of the 1860s and 1870s focused on the need for sustainable water supply. Professionally-trained dentist, Berbank began his career in the city of Maine. He joined the West in the early 1850s, and in 1853 in San Francisco. At a time when the US Civil War broke out, he again worked as a dentist in Los Angeles, Los Angeles. In 1867, he bought Rancho La Providencia from David V. From Alexander and Francis Mellus and acquired by Jonathan R. Scott's western part of Rancho San Rafael (4 603 acres). Burbank's property was almost 9200 hectares (37 km 2) - $ 9,000. Berbank will not have full rights for two objects, until the decision of the Court of Great Deportation is made in 1871 to liquidate Rancho San Rafael. Finally, he became known as one of the largest and most active farmers in southern California, eventually dropping his dental practice and investing heavily in real estate in Los Angeles.

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