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Mattress in Brentwood

The fires were the fifth most flammable fire in the whole history of the country, causing 169090 hectares (65 km2) of fire, destroyed more than 484 houses and 190 other structures and damaged about $ 30 million. O.J. Simpson In Brentwood In 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronalddallman were assassinated near the town of Bundy Cardi in Simpson. Former spouse Nicole, football player and actor O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the killings, but was subsequently prosecuted for his death in civilian proceedings. The boundaries are located at the foot of Santa Monica Mountains, in the south of the congested San Diego motorway, in the south-west of Wilshire Boulevard, on the south-west of Santa Monica, on the border of the western Topanaga State Park and in Malhallen. Go to the top of the mountains in the North.

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