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Mattress in Beverlygrove

The percentage of men and women was 53.2% and 40.5%, the highest in the district. Nearby neighborhood Beverly Grove's attitudes toward other communities. Half of the 25-year-old Beaverle Grou's has received a four-year education in 2000, which is a high indicator for both the city and the region. The percentage of the Master's students was high. Perutz Etz Jacob Hebrew Academy, 7951 Beverly Boulevard private elementary school was the only school that operated the next door. Next door for shopping and shopping areas, Beverly Center, Four Seasons Los Angeles Hotel Beverly Hills, SLS Hotel Beverly Hills, Sofitel Los Angeles and 8500 Burton. The center of Bever, founded in 1982. Developers: Alfred Toubman, Sheldon Gordon and E. Philip Lyon has a variety of designer shops and a restaurant. The former inhabitant of the site was a small amusement park, known as Beverly Park. Encodings: 34 ° 04'27 "N 118 ° 22'35" e / 34.074037 °. 118.376355 DEG / 34.074037; -118,376355

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