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Mattress in Bel Air

Bel Air, along with Helicopter Hills and the Hollywood Hills, forms a platinum triangle in the Los Angeles region. Fires in 1961 On November 6, the burnt and destroyed fire destroyed by the Bel-a-Community community destroyed 484 homes. 2017 On December 6, a homeless camp was burnt down in the same area, destroying six houses. Bel Air is located about 19 miles from the center of Los Angeles and includes several fronts of Santa Monica mountains. It is located at the Sunset Boulevard in the northern edge of the main campus of the University of California in Los Angeles. Bel-Air Country Club and Bel-Air Hotel are in the community center. In Los Angeles, together with the Beverly Hills and the Brentwood community, Bel Air is part of the Westside's precious area, known as the Three B Clima.

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