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Mattress in Arleta

In 2008, the average annual household income was $ 65,649, which is the average of the city's average. The tenants occupy 19.6% of the housing stock, and the owners of apartments or apartments - 80.4%. Average in Los Angeles average 4.0 was considered. 11.5% of single-parent families are considered to be middle-income. Fashion company Juicy Couture is heading to Arlet. Branford Park is located in Arleet. House has an auditorium, bright baseball diamond, unique baseball diamond, lighted open basketball courts, children's playground, shared room, indoor gym, weights with closed gym, outdoor gym without weights, kitchen musical room, picnic tables, luminous football field, stage, lighted tennis courts and littered volleyball courts. In addition, Devonstein's Artel Park is in Arlete.

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