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Mattress in Altadena

The newly established Altaden community immediately began to attract Western millionaires. In 1887, Andrew McKinley, the Chicago magazine's magnet and his good friend, Colonel G Green, were supposed to be the nearest millionaire. Mariposa street, near Santa Rosa Avenue. The magazine's magnate William Argyler Screams and William Kellogg built a side-by-side door to the east of the Fair Oaks. A little further east, Zane Gray bought a home from Arthur Herbert Woodward and added a study on the second floor. The famous publishing company Benziger has been built at the Christmas Tree Lane and in Mariposa. Mariposa was taken from the Spanish name for the butterfly. Andrew McCell's grandson, Wallace Nef, became a famous South California architect. He began his career in Altaden with the design and construction of St. Elizabeth Cathedral in Hungary (1918, Jubilee, dedicated to October 1926).

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