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Mattress in Agoura Hills

The hills of Aguru began to grow in the late 1960s, the Ventura highway was built in the heart of the city 101, which isolated the south from the north. The first settlements of the Aghsu were the Hilllands, Liberty Gorge and Lake Lindero. The rapid growth continued in the 1970s, when schools were built and most of the city center was built. In 1978, residents of the Aguro Hills joined forces in Sacramento to lobby for Canan Bridge. The document was adopted by the State Department, requiring the construction of a bridge over the Canon road bridges along the Ventura highway, with four wires in two wires. In 1982, residents of Agoura Hills voted for the city power by a majority of 68%. Agoura Hills became the 83rd city of Los Angeles County. The first city council was elected Mayor Francois Paullin, Mayor of Pro Tim Carol Sahe, members of the Council of Elders Ernest Dyddan, John Hood and Vicki Liri. A year after joining the neighboring Westlake village, the desire to create a city in the region was largely based on the dissatisfaction of the country that the inability of the district to restrict the housing development of the district, the motives that Malibu and Kalabassas prompted in 1991.

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