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Latex Mattress in West Hills

Under the direction of Jayel Schiffman, three miles a mile away from Canoga Park in 1987. A mediatory campaign has begun, separating from a larger community and creating their own area, called West Hills, the same name that lives in a nearby unconfirmed area of 303 homes over the years. The Los Angeles urban area, with 4,700 families and 35 businesses, will be settled in the north of Rasco Avenue, on Woodley Avenue, on Sherman and Plte Avenue, east, on Victory Avenue, in the south-east and on the district. Supporters say that this change will give the region "political influence" and increase the value of real estate. The step taken by the Canadian Park Chamber of Commerce was partially financed by a real estate company, whose owner, Lin Garvanyan, said that if he changed his name, he would increase the value of the houses by 5%. Campaign was quickly criticized by members of the "patriot and greedy" Canao Park Chamber of Commerce, but it was defended by supporters who said they would allow the area to maintain its dwelling. Documents managers have expressed a hope that the new name will lead to the wealthy West Hills district "endangered factories, aging departments, and the rating of bars and theaters." They are looking for improvement in the community by calling it. There is no sorcery in words. - William F. Vietinghoff,

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