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Latex Mattress in Venice

2012 year. After shutting down the post office, filmmaker Joel Solt announced that the building would be rebuilt under the new headquarters of his company, Silver Pictures. The sale included a condition that he or any future owner would maintain the frescoes of the "New Deal Era" and the public accessibility. The restoration of the almost permanent painting lasted more than a year and cost about $ 100,000. LACMA highlighted the wall painting exhibition, which presented Biberman's additional artwork, rare historical documents, and Venetian dust from the restored paintings. Silver has a long-term fresco rent, which still belongs to the US Postal Service. 2016 As of June, the building is suspended, and its completion is subject to several pledges. The location of Fresco is unknown, which puts the lessee in violation of the terms of the public lease contract. Residents and streets

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