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Latex Mattress in Universal City

Fire protection in Universal City is provided by the Los Angeles Fire Department (LACFD). LACFD launches 51 stations at 3900 Lanckhshim as part of a battalion. The Los Angeles Sheriff Board (LASD) operates the West Hollywood Station in West Hollywood, serving Universal City. Additionally, the Department operates in the Universal CityWalk Substation in Universal City. Until the summer of 1991, Western Hollywood Station operated all the services of the Police Universal City. 1991 year In the summer, LASD has installed a substation built on a tour of the studio and stayed there two years later when the substation was moved to the CityWalk shopping center location. The Los Angeles Police (LAPD) also shares the authority of LASD to protect Universal City, operated by the North Hollywood Police Department in North Hollywood, responsible for the Universal City. Universal City in 1912-1914

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