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Latex Mattress in Torrance

By 1992, 60% of the Korean population in South Bay lived in Torrance and Garden. In 1990, 5888 ethnic Koreans lived in Torrance, 256 percent more than in 1980, among 1,652 ethnic Koreans. The American Honda Motor Company headquarters is in Torrance. Robinson helicopters are designed and manufactured in Torrance, as well as Honeywell Garrett's turbines used in the world of automotive engines. Alcoa Fasening Systems (now known as Arconic) is headquartered in Torres, which produces aviation magnets. Pacific's sales, Pelican Products, and Rapiscan Systems are among the other companies in Torrance. The Top Ten Employers of the City (and the Number of Employees) of the 2012 Report by the Top Employers of the Year. The Del Amo Fashion Center, which includes 2.5 million square feet (232,000 m 2), is one of the five largest shopping centers in the United States. Countries with gross rent. The current shopping center was created in 1958, the Del Amo Center, merged in the fashionable square of Del Amo, built in 1972. Located on the opposite sides of Carson Street, in 1982, The enormous expansion of the Carson Street shopping center has joined two centers. making it the world's largest shopping center at that time. In the north of Carson Street in 2005, the eastern part of the former trade center was demolished in 2006. For a new open-air shopping center opened in mid-September. In 2015, the opening of the fashionable northern wing took place. With Nordstrom as an anchor in the park and a wealth of luxury retailers such as Kate Spade, Hugo Boss, Uniqlo, Michael Kors and Ben Bridge.

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