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Latex Mattress in Sylmar

The Water Project California project has built a tunnel of 22 meters in diameter and 5.5 kilometers in length, providing Sacramento San Hugo from Delta water in San Hugo Valley, South California. 1994 Earthquake In 1994, the earthquake in the Netherlands caused serious damage to Silmar. 2000 Air collision Two lightweight aircraft crashed in 2000 On February 7, the Newhall Pass and fell to the ground at Silmar Golf Club Cascades or nearby. The pilots Charles Oliver and Tom Quist and their passengers, Jean Bouzes and Kevin Kaff, were killed. 2008 Firefight on Fire in 2008 In November, which led to the loss of 489 homes near Silmar or its neighborhood, which in Los Angeles's history was "a huge loss of fire because of fire." Fire first appeared in 2008 On November 14, at 22:00, 29th. It has not been maintained until 2008. On November 20, it burned 11262 hectares (46 km2) and destroyed more than 600 buildings - 480 mobile homes, 9 families - houses, 104 buildings and 10 commercial buildings. Many schools in the area were shut down within a few days after the fire indicating air quality and other problems. Five firefighters and one civilian were slightly injured. crime

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