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Latex Mattress in San Fernando

The second time 23 years after the San Fernando Valley hit a strong earthquake. 1971 On February 9, a 6.5 magnitude event took place that took place in 1994. About 32 miles from the epicenter of the event. 1971 The earthquake resulted in 58 deaths and about 2000 wounded. At that time, the San Fernando earthquake in 1971 became the largest event that affected Los Angeles in 1933 during the London earthquake of 6.3 magnitude. Modern Epoch of the 21st Century In the late 1990's, the San Fernando Valley became more urban and ethnic diversity, increasing poverty and crime. 2002 The ditch tried to divide the city of Los Angeles and become its own united city to avoid Los Angeles's alleged poverty, crime, gang activity, destruction of cities and poorly maintained infrastructure. After unsuccessful attempts in 2003, The new Van Ness building was built and the Metro Orange Line was opened in 2005. In 2012, 35 new public schools were opened, and ethnic diversity in the valley is now Spanish speaking, which has reduced the white population by 0.8%.

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