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Latex Mattress in Pacoima

In the early 1990's, the closure of factories in the Pakistani region was due to the loss of the population, which led to a reduction in the economic base of the area, resulting in Pacoima leaving many residents. 1994 Pacoima was the poorest area in the San Fernando Valley. Every third inhabitant of Pacoima lives in public housing. The poverty rate fluctuated from 25% to 40%. In 1994, Williams wrote about Pacoim, "one of the worst districts in Los Angeles," but still hides its poverty. " Williams speaks about the lack of homeless in the streets of Pacoima, the fact that there are no vacancies at Pacoima's main shopping center, as well as the presence of "tidy" houses and "good" yards. Williams added that "work in Pacoim is not a guarantee against poverty". In 1994, a member of the Los Angeles City Council, Richard Adon, called on Congressman Howard Berman, a Los Angeles City Mayor, to appeal to the United States for the creation of a federal zone. The proposed area, where 13,000 people lived in 1994, included the central part of Pacoima and the southern part of the lake to the lake.

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