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Latex Mattress in North Hollywood

The tunnel from North Hollywood's subway began in 1995. The workers dug into tunnels at a depth of 21 meters. The work was carried out on an average of 50 to 200 feet (15-61 m) a day, working teams six days a week. The machine is drilled through the soil, which is sometimes covered in the lower part of the ancient ocean. The two tunnels between the North Hollywood and Universal City stations totaled 10,541 feet (3.213 meters). The cost of construction of two tunnels totaled $ 65.4 million, with 250 workers involved. Further expansion of the red line was replaced by a Metro Orange Line bus. The final stop is outside the subway station. It expanded the station to the transit hub and now many local and fast buses stop at the station. The suggestions were made to extend the north-east line to Bob Hoff's airport at Berberbank and Berberbank, or extend it along the north-western route along the Lambershim Avenue, and finally to Silmar in Los Angeles's former mayor, Antonio Vilaligosso's press release. No project is funded or Metro's long-term transportation plan.

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