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Latex Mattress in El Monte

The most famous horse racing jockey, Willy Shoemaker, was a resident and was present at the El Monte High School before he went out to work at the neighboring stables. El Monte also wrote briefly about the author of James Ellory, until 1958. Her mother, Geneva, was killed. Former baseball player Fred Lynn was a resident of El Monte. Film director Timothy Carr has shot his underground film "The Greatest Culprit in the World" (1962) in El Monte. Contemporary authors Salvador Placencia, 33, and Michael Hayme-Becker, 36, have both grown up in El Monte, and each celebrates El Monte in her novels. Mr. Ed, the palladium of the classic television show of the 1960s, settled in El Monte in 1949 and was named Bamboo Farmer. The artist's team of "mind function" works in a live art studio based in El Monte. Since 2000, "mindfunk" has created urban multimedia activities.

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