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Latex Mattress in Downtown LA

In 2000, 2400 military or 9.7% of the population lived in the center of the city, which is considered to be a high indicator of the city. The study of the Center for Business Development in the City Center in 2013 showed that 52,400 lives in the center of Los Angeles. Demographic Table: 52.7% Caucasian, 20.1% Asian, 17.0% Latin American and 6.2% African American; 52.9% of women and 47.2% of men; and 74.8% of the population was between 23 and 44 years of age. The average age of the residents was 34 years old. The average family income was $ 98,700. The average family size was 1.8. At least 4 years after college, 80.1% of the population completed their education. The study included a sample of 8,441 respondents across the entire DTLA zone. It was not a census, but a central LA consumer review.

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