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Latex Mattress in Altadena

One of the attractions of Altadena's Christmas light was the Balian estate, which has attracted people around the world for the Christmas light. The Balian Mansion showcase was illuminated during the holiday season from 1955 to 2016 and can be the first sponsor of the house lighting. The Balinese House is located in the east of the Alain Avenue, at the 3rd crossroad of Mendocino Street, on the Mendocino Mountain and Glencoe Terrace. Historic Loe Railway has been a stage railway, which once shipped passengers to four four resort hotels that are high in the San Gabriel Mountains, at the bottom of Aladdin and Pasadena. Though the railroads and railroad tracks are not entirely in Altaden, the pathways that lead to the sites, the Sam Merrill Trail, which begins at Altinthe, at the top of the lake and leads to the Echo Mountain, about 4 km away. Cheney Trail, located in the east, east of Fair Oaks Avenue and Loma Alta Street, is a forest road leading to an old road. 1993 Mount Lowe Railroad has been added to the National Historic Sites Registry.

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