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Latex Mattress in Alhambra

The local newspaper is the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. Regional Newspaper - Los Angeles Times Community Communique in the Alhambra region, published by the World Chamber of Commerce. Alhambra Source is Hyper-local, an online news site that aims to cover news and voices in three languages for local historians. This is the joint efforts of Alhambra's residents, professional journalists and webmasters, as well as researchers and students from the University of Southern California. The Alhambra Source Launched in 2010 In September, the USC Annenberg, a broader research project for the School of Communications and Journalism. Car firms are the largest investor in the local economy. In Alhambra you can find many car brands such as Acura, BMW, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, KIA, Volkswagen, Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler. Most of these dealers are on Main Street, next to the Atlantic beach.

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