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Kingsdown Mattress in West Hollywood

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department operates at the West Hollywood Station. The Los Angeles County Health Department operates the Hollywood-Wilshire Health Center in Hollywood by serving Western Hollywood. Fire protection in West Hollywood is provided by the Los Angeles Fire Department. LACoFD operates 7 stations, battalion headquarters and eight stations in West Hollywood as part of a battalion. 1. LACoFD and McCormick emergency care provide ambulance. Social Services In Western Hollywood, which has about 39 percent of the gay men, the epidemic of HIV / AIDS has suffered disproportionately, and since the early 1980s, it has deprived its population of gay people. Urban funds or subsidized services for people living with HIV / AIDS. The AIDS Medical Foundation is deploying a mobile carriage Friday and Saturday night at the highest nightclubs, and on Sunday, for HIV / STD testing. This project is designed to interfere with the young people at risk of getting HIV. Project Angel Food receives urban financing for hundreds of fresh lunches and daily meals delivered under a controlled diet control that selects nutritional requirements for each customer's nutritional needs. The Los Angeles Sydney Project (APLA) is a national AIDS policy and advocacy leader, and supports those customers who are accessible to the public lab labels. APLA also provides free dental, psychotherapeutic and pharmaceutical services. AIDS help provides direct financial support to help customers pay for rent, utility bills, and pharmacy. The city also subsidizes those agencies that help customers prepare for work. The city allows all residents living with HIV / AIDS to have up to two animals in their home, regardless of the landowner's property, under a lease agreement.

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