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Kingsdown Mattress in Venice

In the 1970s, famous painter Chris Burden created some of his early revolutionary works in Venice, such as Trans-fixed. Other prominent artists who support the Hall include Charles Arnold, Jean-Michel Bastichia, John Baldesar, Larry Bell, Billy Al Bantston, James Georgioupolis, Denis Hopper and Ed Rushey. Organized by the Concert Museum in 2012 Over a week, Venice Biennale (Italy, Italy's Venice Biennale Italy) gathered 87 artists, including Evan Holloway, Barbara Kruger. as well as veteran Arthur Moore. 1980s And in the 1990's, the Venice pool became a mecca for street performances making it a tourist attraction that competed in many other places in southern California. Every day you can see how Chainsaw jugglers, acrobats and comics can be seen, such as Michael Colyar. Many performers, such as Jim Rose circus, began their speech on the board. Music:

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